3 Responses to “Episode #145”


Yep, you guys are right, sometimes my questions suck, I wish I had fantastic questions every week.

Just to clarify, MapTap will do everything for you. In fact, once it’s released newer maps will have a link on the site, like a normal download, that will allow players to click it and it will install the map for you, meaning you just need to start MapTap and press play.

In fact, I’ll make a video of the process this weekend for players to see.

I know what you are saying about ModCloud and being able to jump to any map in a mod, but I want to be able to continue with exactly the same health and weapons/ammo as I did from the previous level. Otherwise it would feel like cheating.

@Alien Swarm: Patrick, that’s not burning out, it’s just low replay value.
Both of you make a good point on using the community made contents to bring more activity to the game. Since there is no center of gravity for the Alien Swarm community (and no, moddb is not one), I guess it would be nice for Valve to put up a DLC package on Steam. Plenty of advertising, etc. etc.
@E.Y.E: there’s something really disturbing about the footage for this game – it makes it feel like a mod rather than a stand alone game. It might be due to using the wrong footage, to which case my fear that it’s actually lack of polish on the game is unfounded.