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Hey guys,
Thanks for the ZP:S Media Release and Mapper Competition plug! Just want to clarify that all the player models and animations are done by ZP:S developers and we’re incredibly grateful to Darth_Brush and SlimZ for their maps some of which were originally in development for NMRiH. SlimZ is finishing his Cabin Fever map for ZPS which we’re really excited about and we have some of our staff finishing up Harvest and DeadCity that were donated to us while he continues his L4D Map campaign “Dead Before Dawn” which looks fantastic and is using most of his NMRiH maps.

ZP:S dev team would love to join you on Podcast17 if you guys are interested.

Brian “Tatsur0″ Comer
ZP Co-Founder/Lead Developer

I haven’t listened to this podcast because I actually listened live but I wanted to clarify a few points.

Firstly, to beat Legacy, simply drop a grenade down the hole. Don’t jump down like I did!

Secondly, with regard to the Russian mods, I personally don’t extract the legal content. Somebody called andyb does the hard work. I just get the credit. :)

BTW< who was handsome sounding chap that asked about the game mechanics? And why didn’t he say which was his favourite? Idiot!

Wow I could barely hear myself, turned up my sound loud and still could barely hear myself, heard everyone just fine though :D

oh and PhanracK was talking a load of bull ^^ there’s no team deathmatch, it’s just that the gamemode Last Team Standing is barely ever playtested got him confused and made him think it was team deathmatch, but it’s really Last Team Standing, and instead of deathmatch there’s Last Man Standing.