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I would ask Gabe if portal 2 is still in same game universe as hl2 was it set to destroyed earth after 7 hour war?

and Grordons magic power would be manipulating with time ifselfe. load game =D (returning back before something bad heappend and fix it)

william just because the other co hosts could not make the broadcast dose’nt mean they don’t care, they probably have bills to pay and children to feed, don’t be so selfish.

Magicka Contest:

Gordon Freeman would have the power of the universe; the ability to remove limbs, destroy buildings, summon monsters, divide by zero, etc. This power would be stored in Gordon’s glasses that he specifically handcrafted himself. The glasses have to ability to withstand any impact, from the force of a thousand trains to a bullet to the head. These glasses also allow Gordon to survive the duration of the sun, over billions of years.

To store the powers of the universe was not a easy task however. To be able to call together the universe into these, a voice of a god would be needed. Gordon used just that. He used to have a voice that many people said that was the greatest voice they had ever heard. Gordon had to sacrifice his godly vocal chords in order to craft together these spectacles.

Gordon made these glasses in order to aid him on his journey in saving the world. However, the glasses have a catch: if Gordon were somehow killed and the glasses taken from him, the force from Gordon’s voice would cause the power of the glasses to be corrupted and make the universe implode on itself. He had been made the protector of the universe.

Magicka Contest:

The Magical Wrench: Your wrench has mystical powers and allows you to change its properties (such as weight, size, possibly shape). You can change the properties to suit different types of units. For example for a head crab you would want your wrench light and fast, but for combine heavy and powerful. The ability to change one’s wrench would really allow dynamic game-play.

Lightning Stun: Gordon is able to use “magical” powers in his hand and shoot out a chain lightning spell. This lightning jumps from combine to combine and stuns each combine in the vicinity for a short duration; giving you a tactical advantage over the enemy.

Gordons Magical Power:

Telepathy: The ability to convey expression, opinion and thought process without speech.

Beginning as basic Latent Telepathy, Gordon powers are heightened to levels never before conceived when he finds himself physically participating within a catastrophic resonance cascade event.

For the Magicka Competition:

Gordon should have a magical flight of stares. Each stare would be subtly different from the next, with some harder to pull off than others. In his flight there could be stares like:

The Silent Stare – The target of the stare suddenly loses the urge to speak. Good for stopping the combine from calling reinforcements and stopping rebels from giving away your position, as well as keeping Alyx quiet while you try to solve puzzles.

The Intelligent Stare – A quick one of these will stop that rebel from blindly running into sniper fire in an effort to stand next to you. Generally good for decreasing the number of stupid things that NPCs do. Also good for the enemy if you are in the mood for a challenge.

The Emotional Stare – Puts the humanity back into those combine soldiers. They can see how much of a monster they have become and will run off to a corner somewhere and cry. If they don’t run off it will certainly give them something to think about, giving you that extra time to get a proper shot off at them.

Gordon Freeman should have a internal HEV skeleton. Just eat spinach and it powers up!


Gordon Freeman would be able to shoot lasers out of his eyes, which is why he got into scence, because of his laser eyes, and with his scientific abilties that he learned, he made glasses that have optical amplification so he can pierce armor. The source of the power of his laser eyes is located in his beard (obviously).

What magical power would Gordon Freeman have?

I say the ability to leave his own body and enter another one’s body and the body he could enter would be able to take damage and when that body take damage he is then transported back to his own body

What magical power would Gordon Freeman have?
The ability to store an imprint of his location, time, and state of being to which he can return at any time, even posthumously.
(a.k.a. Quicksave :D)

Gordon Freeman should be able to MAGICKAlly open all locked doors. This especially applies to HL1 if you know what I mean…… (Most of the doors in the game are locked, it’s so annoying!)

Magika Competition

Gordon Freeman should be able to shoot crowbars out of his eyes.

Magical Power: F-Stop. Allows the user to stop any incoming forces by altering their vectors.

Freaking physics.