4 Responses to “Episode #135”


For answers, look up stackoverflow.com.
It is a site that was then ‘cloned’ into other sites, covering various topics, from system administration to … pick whatever domain.

Emanuel, for a remote connection with your computer’s steam app, you’d need to keep your computer powered on. I’d hate to see your electricity bill after the first month of doing that. Good to hear Podcast 17 got back their skeptical voice :)

About iterative design in TF2 and L4D, this is interesting. I think Valve inspired themselves from how mods were being handled: release quite often, with minor changes. I mean the continuous evolution is something I always associated with a mod in development.

Great comment by jason when discussing notes, referring to the likelihood of seeing Alyx kiss Gordon at some point in the HL franchise. It will probably be a really powerful moment, especially if they have Alyx open her eyes and you can see the reflection of Gordon’s eyes in hers (would be the first time you ever see Gordon ingame).