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hey guys i’m digging the countdown site you made for the mike morasky interview. moar of this in the future plz!

Gordon Freeman made a gun with his had and aimed it at the helicoper. He mustered the courage to finally speak up and say something. “Bang.” he wispered. The helicopter exploded and came crashing to the ground. Gordon Freeman then became a Man. “Beard.” he said, and he got an awesome goatee. He was now ready to face anything.

2 questions: 1) can i enter again? 2) what do you mean when you say that this will be the last entry for a while? does it mean that you are planning on running a contest that doesn’t involve writing?

You can enter again – but you will win another copy of sanctum lol.. The next few contests will not be a writing competition. We will come back to the story though.

Last weeks winning entry for the writing competition:

Through the bulletholes in the wall that was once part of his second floor classroom, young Gordon expected to see a busy street full of his classmates. After all, where were they? The first thing he noticed was that the time of day had changed – it was now late afternoon and everything was bathed in a thin orange haze. Gordon looked up and noticed was that the buildings across the street were torn away at the halfway point. They appeared to have been severed at the head and hollowed out. Twisted metal stretched into the air and orange god rays poured out through the windows, as though the whole city block was an empty shell. Gordon looked down and stared at piles of rubble. The street was barely discernable through the gridlock of rusting, abandoned cars and the interspersed ocean of still wreckage. Gordon lingered on an open car door for a moment when movement caught his eye. He stifled a cry of shock as a loud YIPPING noise echoed through the smog from below. Something yellow and blue hopped across the street and into the first floor of Gordon’s schoolhouse. Gordon backed away from the wall and paused, listening for anything, unsure of what to do. Moments later, another YIPPING noise issued from somewhere inside and something metallic crashed to the ground in a faraway room. As Gordon’s heart raced and his thoughts of missing classmates faded, he thought he also heard helicopter blades approaching…

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This will probably be the last entry for a while – want to give other people a chance to win things too.

Since zonbie probably doesn’t need another copy of Sanctum, here’s another take to the story.

Gordon’s mind was torn, his instincts told him that he should try to locate the source of the whooping helicopter blades and get help but his scientific curiosity wanted know what the hell that blue and yellow thing was. Gordon quickly decided that survival was probably be the best course of action. His discovery wouldn’t mean anything if he couldn’t tell anyone at home he reasoned. Gordon moved carefully to the nearest window and peered out into the hazy orange sky. The smog outside was so thick it was pointless trying to see anything flying overhead but Gordon knew there must be something out there because he could hear the noise slowly getting louder so he continued to scan the sky through the mist. All the while, Gordon could hear the creature yipping away somewhere in the building. Quicker now the helicopter sound grew louder and louder till it was loud enough that it drowned out the incessant yipping of the creature Gordon had spotted earlier and then suddenly it passed, the sound getting softer as the helicopter continued its journey oblivious to Gordon’s plight. Help seemed pretty unlikely for the moment now but there was still that nagging curiosity in Gordon’s mind. Young Gordon caved to his curiosity, yet again, and decided to hunt down the creature to study it a little closer.

The YIPPING noises inside the school grew louder. Gordon feared that the thing from the street would find him at any moment. His eyes darted around the room. He couldn’t decide whether he was looking for a hiding spot or a weapon. Neither was readily available; the barren classroom was in utter disrepair. Piles of dust lay on rotting furniture. A few desks were overturned near the back but most of them were still neatly arranged in rows and columns, just as he recalled them to be a few seconds before…the Event. But before his thoughts could drift toward what had happened to him moments ago, something began scrambling up the stairs at the end of the hallway. Gordon stared at the door, frozen with panic – what was he going to do? His heart raced and he felt the fear welling up in his throat. And suddenly a small yellow creature appeared at the door. It paused on its three legs and whimpered slightly; Gordon held his breathe, petrified. Then the thing exploded into the classroom, shrieking an alien battle song that pierced Gordon’s ears and made his eyes water. It tackled him and leaned inward, hissing at him. Gordon noted that the thing’s face was composed of nothing but a grotesque bulge of blackened eyeballs. He promptly punched this sack of eyeballs and the thing reared away, howling loudly as it went. Gordon scrambled to his feet, his fist slimy with eyeball pus, watching as the thing shook its bleeding head back and forth rhythmically. The howling grew louder as Gordon covered his ears and backed away. The thing’s neon blue stripes started glowing and Gordon’s teeth hummed painfully. Suddenly a deafening crack issued from the thing, knocking Gordon was off his feet and destroying the classroom. The ceiling caved in on the thing and crushed it; the classroom’s walls, already paper-thin and ancient, were puffed into dust. When Gordon came to, he saw that the classroom’s remains were flooded with white light from above; the helicopter was now directly overhead and the ceiling was gone.