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I don’t know if I can still enter this, but I’d like to at least try to continue the story, mainly for fun.

As Gordon cautiously peered through the hole in the wall, he noticed a strange man with a cold, harsh face and a black briefcase staring at him across the street. For some reason he could not take his eyes off this man and seemed to be in a dream-like state, like a person under a spell of hypnosis. Gordon did not know why, but he began to inch his body through the small hole in the wall. Pain struck his leg as he climbed through the hole and fell onto a jagged piece of decaying, rusty metal. Flames leaped through cracks in the windows of cars, houses, and sewer gutters as he walked through the seemingly endless street toward the man. The city’s buildings crumbled as the man slowly began to approach Gordon. “Come to me…” he whispered.

The hole was dark but as he entered it, he could see a light at the end of it. The hole was barely large enough for him to fully stand up, but he hurried as fast as he could through it anyway. In the tunnel, he had time to think, to reflect. What was going on? How was anything he saw possible? Why was it happening? Suddenly, Gordon felt a sudden pain shoot through his head. He stopped out of shock and to catch his breath. He had to find out what was going on, something didn’t feel right, something was wrong. He looked back up at the light at the end of the hallway. He could see a room past the hole. He needed to know why he was here, why he was being subjected to such torture. Gordon ran towards the light, he sprinted. He needed to know.

Last weeks winning entry for the writing competition:

As Gordon came around, he was forced to squint his eyes from the bright light that shone directly at his face. He turned his head to the right and stared at the wall, puzzled about what he just experienced. Although something about the wall reminded him of his classroom, that thought was low on his priorities list, directly under the obvious questions such as what those creatures were, or what just happened to him. While he slowly helped himself up, he noticed more detail about the room which unnerved him. The white brick walls looked exactly the same as those of his classroom, as well as the beige carpet that covered the floor. The only major difference was this room was in a horrible condition, as opposed to the beautifully pristine classroom in which he visited daily. This room had various sized holes scattered throughout the walls and ceiling, in which light poured through. The debris everywhere consisted of broken bricks, cracked wood, rusted metal, many miscellaneous objects, and a magnificent amount of dust and dirt. Gordon’s jaw dropped with his next realization, this room wasn’t like his classroom, it WAS his classroom or rather what remained of his classroom. Hurriedly, he navigated the debris and made his way to one of the bigger holes and peered through, partially out of curiosity and concern.

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What he was looking at was not to his liking, just like the classroom, the street is just as torn up. Houses are partially of even totally destroyed. On the street were just a few burnt out cars. there, on the end of the street. Is that a person Gordon sees? It was hard to see but it looks like a man with a briefcase. He was to far a way to hear him so it is no use in using sound to attract his attention. There has to be some way he can get there. The entrance to the classroom was boarded shut and the hole was not big enough. If only he had something to make the hole bigger. Gordon glance the room and a red curved object stood out. It was a crowbar! Now he could make the hole bigger. After carefully chopping away some more bricks he was finally out. Once outside he started making his way to the man with the briefcase. However after walking a small distance the man started to walk away. Gordon tried waving, even though the person seemed to glance at Gordon, he seemed to ignore him otherwise. Gordon was running now and had almost reached him. The man, wearing a dark blue suit, turned a corner. Just seconds later Gordon reached the corner. However when he looked in the street the man was gone…

As he looked through the hole he suddenly realized the smell of rotting flesh penetrating his lungs. He then look at the floor and quickly moved away tripped in fear, as he hit the floor and loud splash a wet substance hit him in the face. He slowly touched his face even though he already knew what it was. As he looked as his cold wet hand he slowly began loss focus and his hands shook rapidly, he was going into shock. The substance was blood and he was bathing in it. He quick cocked his head up trying to remove the fact he was lying in someone’s blood and up above only a few feet away from where he was lying was a horrific monster with a long thin tong and sharp jagged teeth…

Through the bulletholes in the wall that was once part of his second floor classroom, young Gordon expected to see a busy street full of his classmates. After all, where were they? The first thing he noticed was that the time of day had changed – it was now late afternoon and everything was bathed in a thin orange haze. Gordon looked up and noticed was that the buildings across the street were torn away at the halfway point. They appeared to have been severed at the head and hollowed out. Twisted metal stretched into the air and orange god rays poured out through the windows, as though the whole city block was an empty shell. Gordon looked down and stared at piles of rubble. The street was barely discernable through the gridlock of rusting, abandoned cars and the interspersed ocean of still wreckage. Gordon lingered on an open car door for a moment when movement caught his eye. He stifled a cry of shock as a loud YIPPING noise echoed through the smog from below. Something yellow and blue hopped across the street and into the first floor of Gordon’s schoolhouse. Gordon backed away from the wall and paused, listening for anything, unsure of what to do. Moments later, another YIPPING noise issued from somewhere inside and something metallic crashed to the ground in a faraway room. As Gordon’s heart raced and his thoughts of missing classmates faded, he thought he also heard helicopter blades approaching…

The holes Gordan had went to led to a secret place know as aperture science. Gordan had stumbled upon the remains of a cube like object with a heart on it. Gordon pondered what is this ? As he was thinking a lady walked up to him and asked him if he was a friendly man or a hostile enemy. Gordan smiling said that he was a friendly person. The girl introduced her self to Gordan. The girl told Gordan that her name was Shell and told Gordan what had happened to the this Aperture Science Facility. Shell then told Gordan if she could help her find out who had in prisoned her and why this happened to her. Gordan soon went on to tell Shell about how he was teleported to this place. Gordon and Shell looked for clues and walked into a cave where Gordon had recognized ……..

I hope to talk about Missing Information 1.6 on the show again next week. I want to talk about the Hyperborea as I found that part of 1.6 to be quite enjoyable and a little more linear than what I remember the rest of Missing Information to be like.