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I really appreciate the spotlight mention of Riverpool. I have been at the top of my game lately, and no has seem to notice. I will be listening in as often as I can for more news from Podcast17.

Thanks guys.

@Triple-M: Thanks for the question, you missed this weeks episode, but you will make it on next I promise.

As a Finn I must comment on your pronouncing of “Joutomaa”. It’s actually pronounced “Yo-toh-maa”. I no you can’t be expected to know that, but just a point I wanted to make.

I really like these podcasts. Ofcourse the sound a bit amateur, but it’s nice to hear some voice instead of text rolling on a web page. I’d recommend a better microphone for your co-host though, because the background noice is annoying.

Keep on truckin’!

@Flynn: I usually play maps a bit longer than most (mainly cause I play them on Hard), but I also play them with a critical eye; so I try to observe everything possible. I found your map enjoyable and quite long for just one map.

Another thank you for mentioning something:

Thanks for mentioning my map! With the steam thingy, I have thought of an idea to make it apparent that the steam kills the player. So don’t be confused if you see a new update a few weeks down the line.

Also, William (was it?) who said that he took an hour and a half to play it? Wow, I am not quite sure how you made it last that long! My playtesters both found it 20 minutes, as well as some players who played it since it was released.

I know the architechure is bland, I need to work on spicing things up a bit. Thanks a lot for mentioning guys!

Thank you soooooooooo much for talking about the Jailbreak Trailer, I really poured my heart and soul into making it, and I’m chuffed that you guys enjoyed it as much as you did! I’m pleased that you guys “get” what we’re doing aswell!

As always, great podcast ! Its sad that phillip isnt here no more. He had the best arguments, reasons, opinions and the best voice :D. I hope you could take a look at my mod a time. Could be great!

Good episode again:P, liked the new intro :D

Berimbau is now on my watchlist on moddb.. I was watching it manually for a while, guess I forgot to track it though :D noticed that today.
Also voted for them and a whole bunch of other mods over at moddb a while ago.

Show went well even without Philip, though I do miss him :P


Great episode or at least the part of it that is uploaded. I think something bad happened, because the podcast is only ~40 minutes long and as mention the download file is only half size.

Hope you guys can fix it, was looking forward to hear about Berimbau :)