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… nucular?! Seriously? “nu-cle-ar”. Nuclear Dawn. Like in nucleus, not like in nuculus :P.

As for mods being art or ALTs … dunno … it somehow feels that these terms are used as an excuse for a poorly executed mod. I can understand using game engines to do art. What I don’t understad why those pieces of art get displayed on a site that is focused on mods.

If you, the creator, think that it’s a piece of art, then don’t submit it to a mod site where all entries are judged by playability, achievements and graphical quality. Submit it to an art site, where it will be judged by the emotions it evoked, by the skilled use of … whatever to trigger them. When you submit your piece of cr … erm, art, to a mod site, you labeled it as a mod. Stop passing it on as art, on that site at least.

So now being a host, can I leave comments and have my own little pic show up?

The comment pictures are gravatars:

They will work on any wordpress site – it’s not something you configure here. You don’t need to be co-host to have one either :P

WordPress.org is the home of the WordPress software. Self-hosted WordPress sites (e.g. here and PP) use individual user databases.
WordPress.com is managed by the same people, but is for free WordPress hosting. WordPress.com users are shared across most/all Automattic sites and services.

Gravatars are managed using a WP.com account, but the gravatars themselves are retrieved based on your email address (well, an md5 hash of it); so they work globally on all gravatar aware sites (even ones not powered by WP).

Based on your confusion I’m guessing you created your gravatar before the WP.com user system merge, so you probably signed up using an email address. Entering the email you use here and on PP in the password reset form should allow you access to your account.

I’m not sure how they handle accounts from before the WP.com user system merge, so you they may ask you to register a WP.com account to inherit your existing gravatar/s — that doesn’t mean you have to create a WP.com blog though.

this information confused me so much that it worked perfectly. thanks for the assist!

sorry for the spam post…i just read what i wrote and realized that it kind of sounded rude and false, instead of humorous. the information actually did help and i got everything fixed.

I wish there was an “Edit” function for comments.

alright, I am somewhat confused now. On Gravatar’s website, they say that their login info is the same as WordPress.com. However, this website is powered by WordPress.org. I have a login for WordPress.org, which I created on Planet Phillip…and this website has recognized.

WordPress.com won’t let me log in using my WordPress.org login information.

I know you guys arent the ones to ask the technical questions to…I am just venting my confusion.

Oh. Well actually Cult of Cthulhu was announced a couple of months ago :D I think I put it up on moddb in July of last year.

Here is the start of the story for the Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Competition. For those who didn’t listen to the podcast or have forgot… if you want to win a copy of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem simply “Complete the next paragraph of the following story”, please write only 1 paragraph. Please just reply to this comment - we will pick the “best next paragraph”. Do not reply to other peoples comments. We will continue with this competition as we get more keys from Aaron (bluewolf72). So here is the story:

 As a child, Gordon Freeman always knew more than his teachers – He seemed to excel at every task they gave him. Our story begins here, with a young Gordon Freeman, age 11; an eager child ready to learn. He entered his six grade classroom hesitant and bored. As he walked through the archway of his classroom something felt different… strange… out of the ordinary. His vision blurred, flashes of light sprang around him and he quickly came crashing to the ground. All around him stood scary creatures chanting words unknown to him. Gordon scurried into the corner; he was astonished that none of his other classmates saw the things he did. Worried, the teacher went to see what was the matter, but before she approached Gordon stood up and walked to his desk. Even at the age of 11 Gordon knew he didn’t want to be labelled as “that kid” or “the weirdo”; he already received plenty of nicknames based around his black thick rimmed glasses. Gordon simply sat at his desk and pretended to pay attention as he always did.

Over time be began to realize that he was different from the other children and eventually even from adults. When you know you are so different, there is little point in trying to engage with them so he just stopped trying. In place of that human contact he read. Day and night. He read about people stranded on islands for many months or years who lost the ability to speak when they were rescued. He delighted in thinking that he was on his own island in a sea of people, all blind to his torment. He almost hoped he would lose the ability to speak. He slowly became accustomed to the “visits” by these creatures and the visions that followed but he never really knew if they were friend or foe. Any sane creature avoided what it didn’t trust. And so his character was set. He would not speak. This was who he was.

Although he put up the illusion of perfect mental health, the sight of these creatures stayed with him. They looked at each other, as well as Gordon, while they communicated to themselves in their foreign language. Albeit afraid, Gordon had a burning desire; a fasicination with these mystical looking lifeforms. From a quick scan of their bodies, Gordon managed to perceive these creatures were a charcoal black colour with a thin purple-blueish animated shroud surrounding their bodies like a second skin. Their heads were a fair size but with one oddity, they had blueish dominant cyclopean eyes with 3 smaller eyes of the same colour above them. The most disturbing attribute, however, were third arms protruding from their chests. This intrigued Gordon, as his many excursions though his Animal Encyclopedias failed to yield anything similiar to what stood before him. He suddenly stood up when curiousity got the better of him during a brief lapse in judgement. He needed to physically interact with them, and nothing would stop his scientific enthusiasm. As he reached for the nearest creature, they all stopped speaking and stared at him. He quickly retracted his arm out of shock for their unexpectedness, but soon retracted this motion when these creatures seemed to mean no harm. The creature closest to him slowly reached out its arm to meet Gordons, but this interaction was short lived. As soon as their hands touched Gordon lost consciousness.

After graduating elementary and middle school Gordan was in High School. As he was in high school he was the kid that was bullied by everyone and picked on by others for his looks. He still had glasses but he had not still spoke words in school or any kind of verbal communication had come out of his mouth, this is why he was the one being bullied in high school. Gordan was a loner who just communicated by writing answer and talking by writing on paper to people. For you see Gordan was afraid of his principle the all mighty g-man who had it out to get Gordan since entering High School. So Gordan never talked upon entering High school for if g-man where to hear one word his girlfriend alyx would be shot. So Gordan being the clever person he was working on the hadron clyder at his home. Made a plan to split atoms and make a super powered weapon to defeat his school and g-man from years of torment……….