8 Responses to “Episode #127”


You know how Reddit wets its panties over human interest stories — that’s why they get so many fake cancer/AIDS/poverty trolls, like the recent lucidending. It’s kind of pitiful how those former Orion devs went to Reddit instead of negotiating with Praz.

Also, what happened to Coven? I am disappoint.

@Steam Guard Now Available to All: Excellent point William, it seems that SteamGuard is as safe as your mail account. And mail accounts can be phished.

@One hit wonder guys: good point on Croteam. I’ll also add Rovio, with their Angry Birds :P .

DaveJ made a shitload of official CS maps. He also made cs_retire, de_cbble and a couple others I think. Not all of them made it out of beta but a lot of them were favorites in the early days.