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Hey Wesley,

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll start paying a bit more attention to this mod now, I’m particularly interested with the Juggernaut idea as well as the fact theat Jon St. John is doing the voice overs.

As for smooth vehicle combat on the source engine, I’m cautiously optimistic.

- Josh

Could you not make the jump Modman?
Trololol :D

“What you must do is what you must learn” is the song played during the last boss of Half-Life 1.

Off Limits is nothing like NeoTokyo :)

Also, final mass combat will appear once we go beta, we don’t have enough playtesters at this point to record such a thing.
Our game play has been tested in 2009 for about a year. You can check out our game play back then in these videos:

Regular player game play:

This one shows Juggernaut game play:

About the mod being different from FPS? We’re not trying to reinvent FPS, we do have a nice game play idea I believe that will be fun to play. The control over the map is linked to your teams Juggernaut, so good team play is encouraged and will help a team to victory.

If you still want more, we have none other than Duke Nukem himself (Jon St. John doing the Voice Overs for our team binds).

We also believe we have a solid vehicle code which I don’t think I’ve seen in any mod yet. You also see everyone inside the vehicle + you can do chase shootouts and dry-by shootings. How many Source games have that? :p

I hope this clears up a few things, after beta release and after you guys have played it we’ll be more than willing to come on the shows and answer any questions you may have :)

- Wesley