6 Responses to “Episode #121”


not my favorite episode, seemed a bit short and lack of interesting news or depth.. i dunno. it was off, didn’t do it for me. had some random laugh when talking about Stargate and Williams girlfriend interacted.

Man, this is a weird turn of events for the Serious Sam key. But if you think a bit, it is to be expected: the people listening to this podcast MUST have a PC, and very likely have a Steam account. In my opinion, this makes them less “prone to buy an XBox”. Hope somebody does get it, Serious Sam is fun.

Regarding Beyond Black Mesa, there are two messages that I get from it:
– a passionate team can make something at least very good. I have seen TV series that looked worse.
– the fact that a lot of people like the HL2 story may not guarantee a block buster. Still, I see a future as a TV series.

Wanted to point out that Off Limits isn’t released yet as you mentioned. The server we test on is internal at the moment, server will be made public when we release. We (Maarten and myself) need to test on a server to find certain bugs :) We will have a clean announcement when we do release (sometime this month hopefully).

Thanks so much for the comment; I misread the tense of the post and quickly corrected myself – we look forward to the mod. Stay in touch – I would be glad to have you on the show.