6 Responses to “Episode #120”


Awesome episode, one of my favorites for some reason. I like to have Phillip on the show, makes for serious discussion and a lot more single player related topics. I like that. Thumbs up everyone!

First off: love having Phillip on. It’s always odd to me when he isn’t on, but does the canned intro every episode. Speaking of, who is the female who does the intro with him? Was she ever a part of the show/mod scene, or is she a friend of someone on the show?

Second: I don’t think a post-release campaign would work. Retailers may need marketing hype to justify their purchasing numbers. If they don’t have enough stock, a shortfall occurs and the average shmoe who does not know of Steam and Valve games will likely purchase another game instead of HL3.

I’m glad you enjoy my appearances – I wish I could be on every week, but it’s just not possible.

I take your point about retailer stocks. It would be interesting to see a Steam first release with bricks and mortar a few weeks later. It would be also interesting to know the split between the two and how that changes over time.

First: That’s Stephanie, William’s other third.

Second: Good point. I’d like to think the major retailers all know it’ll be a hit, but don’t realise the majority of sales will be non-retail. Anything to maintain hope of a sudden, unannounced release. :P

I guess the only way to avoid a shortfall would be releasing on Steam and then doing a post-release campaign before retail. Hard to imagine them doing that though. :(

@Red Planet: here’s the thing. Personal life WILL affect the development life. Sometimes to a point that you can’t deliver updates to the schedule you got your community used to. It is a good thing to mention it in such cases, at least to your team if not in the news. BUT! This also gets used as an excuse.
Jon, if mentioning your personal life increases the number of visitors, then it’s a good move :D

We are not saying that personal lives don’t affect modding but whether they should be discussed in detail. Valve just delays, they don’t say that the guy doing the coding of feature X had a dentist appointment and his tooth got infected, so he couldn’t finish etc.

Personal details directly related to the mod can be very interesting but it’s a balance between TMI (too much information) and relevant information.