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Well just downloaded this podcast yesterday, because i heard my friends mod (combine force) was discussed in the podcast. Then i found out how awesome it was :). Btw. i did all the outdoor lightning effects! But he forgot to give me credits lol. But the whole idea is his :), and i were just helping a little bit… But would be good if you could discuss my mod :D


GoldenEye Source 1.1h has been out for over a year now (just uploaded the it to moddb last week). And with the moddb mod of the year, the list will get reduced to the top100 and then final voting will be on that.


I understand that you think were not listening, but we are, were trying to get other things sorted out at the moment, and we only have 1 person mapping, and im the only beta tester…So were kinda tied, but we’ll fix it.

I am also sorry Phillip had to leave. I am a single player only gamer. I felt Phillip was a representant for my point of view. I agree with azelito, would like if Phillip is present on every big single-player mod releases.

Anyway, I love this show and listen to every episode. Keep upp the good work!

Great podcast as usual, and it’s sure saddening to see Phillip go. I think the dynamic was superb and have the highest regard that William and Nick will be able to keep this podcast going. If the episode that Phillip was absent for was any indication for how well William can lead the podcast, then I have no doubt this podcast will remain as excellent as it’s always been!

Good luck with future endeavors Phillip!

I just downloaded the podcast and skipped to the Phillip announcement. Sorry to hear your leaving mate :*(. I hope your able to keep your website running and you remain active in the Half-Life community.

Shame to hear you go Phillip, the man with the singleplayer-master plan.
Best of luck with los everything. You should come back with your opinions in podcast episodes with big single-player mod releases.

Yes I do indeed have big shoes to fill. I hope that I can provide just as good as commentary as Phillip has since the start of the show, who knows, maybe I’ll get even better! I really look forward to working with William and Nic as well as the great fanbase that has been built for this respected podcast.

See you guys next week!

Thanks for the section on Empires guys :D

Sorry to hear phillip go, you guys have a great podcast going, and it just gets better each week.

@CubicVirtuoso: The holy grenade fires a very fast combine ball at the moment to add a little something to the super weapon besides just a powerfull explosion, however some people don’t like it and I have some plans to instead have the holy grenade be capable of giving life when you kill 2-3 people, and below that hp/speed(?)/other boost(?)

I forgot to say that I really appreciate taking the time to make this podcast and that Phillip almost made me cry at the end and i dont even know him.

On a brighter note i have told my other friends who love half life about the show and they now listen to it.


I am really sorry that Phillip left and I hope the podcast stays successful. This show was great as always dont give up.

@SvenViking: Sorry for missing that part

@DuckSauce: I remember seeing something in that video exploding into mini grenades. I am going to watch it again………hmmm I guess not; it seems I got it confused with the holy hand grenade… does that shoot out little orbs around it’s explosion radius? or am I wrong about that too. /part life Sorry Ducksauce.

@CubicVirtuoso: Where did you get the idea that the Skull grenade explodes into smaller skulls ò_Ó, *talks soft* are you listening to the voices…. I hear them too! don’t listen to them, they’re crazy, crazy voices yes

seriously though skull grenades are hl2 grenade’s but they can be “cooked” which means the timer ticks even while holding it in your hand, so if you hold too long you’ll be blow yourself to pieces! Or you can land a perfectly timed grenade with some practice :) It’s also very sexxah skull ^_^

@Vino: When I first played your mod’s beta I thought it was baad, but I really did think it had potential to be great once it’s gotten further along in developing. Hearing this interview really strenghtens that and now I would also like to have a chat with you on steam, if you don’t mind.
I’ll try to find your account and add you:P then you can choose whether you accept or not.

About FragOut:
I was kinda planning that same thing of what was spoken about in that interview, to have new people play the mod and not tell them anything, see if they can find out how to do everything by playing the mod and/or using whatever hints available in the mod itself.
Though so far I haven’t done that I will do it near release.

Also the melon no longer does the shaking, we did this after a comment by Soulfather from kzmod who said he’s going to map for us and he thought the shaking is annoying for the melon since you kinda wanna use it to attack someone quickly, the shake took too long and enemies would have run away by the time you throw. So now the animation no longer does that shake, instead grabs and then makes it ready for throw, instead of grab, shake, get ready.

Last but not least, the sailboat grenade: it takes some practice to learn to use properly, even PhanracK who is very good with grenades had troubles doing the huge jumps I could do with it :P DUCKY TEACH ME THAT JUMP I CANT DO IT! which was rather funny :P

once you learn it though it’s very awesome and Alt’ the mapper who made Outpost(our first map) is planning to do a map made with sailboat grenade in mind so that’s probably gonna be having space to jump/fly/launch urself all over the place

…. Noo….
Philip can’t leave D:
Making him in the show made a great two man team of opposites…
Well… since there’s no other way, at least I can wish you good luck… in whatever you have to do…
Thomas, I hope you’re up to the challenge!

@snotball Thomas has a great microphone, we just need to configure his Ventrilo correctly. We will be doing this over the next couple of days.

And just to preempt everyone; I am sad to see Phillip leave as well, but I guarantee we will see him in the future.

Phillip Noooooooooooooooooooo!

I hope you can at least make some guest appearances in the future, your insight into half-life 2 single player is what got me started on PC17.

Good podcast as always guys!

Noooes, it’s sad to hear Phillip is going. Eventhough he might have seemed grumpy at times it’s been wonderful with a ping-pong perspective. You better come back now and again, Mr. Phillip!

So, Thomas, how well can you say ‘booooring’? Nah, you shouldn’t try to fill out Phillip’s moldy old shoes. It’s great to hear you’re on for a ride.
On another note I was wondering if something can be done to your mic, perhaps get a better one? The S’es seemed to hiss a bit. Sorry to bring the old geezer up again, but Phillip had a wonderful bassy, slightly muted sound. Worked great for contrast in audio.

Anyway, good show boys! Keep it up, and don’t forget the SP’s now, ya hear? :)