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Isnt Fragout on the Alien Swarm SDK?

“Sadly, I haven’t heard from FragOut in a very long time. Afaik DuckSauce is working on the less interesting, but still okay, Cats vs Dogs.” – Fixed, based on your past love of FragOut and sadness at its ceased development.

This man speaks truth.

Haven’t heard of Cats vs. Dogs, what happened to Gravinull?

Cats vs dogs is a mini-mod Duck was working on… not sure if he plans on continuing it. It featured cats who were essentially ninjas and dogs who had a super bark… Very early Alpha testing. Gravinull had an increase of traffic since MOTY but nothing since then.

I haven’t heard from Fragout in a very long time. AFAIK Ducksauce is working on Cats vs Dogs.

lol You guys didnt understand the Lethal Stigma news post…

What did we get wrong?

I was recapping some features of Lethal Stigma, they weren’t new features being introduced.

I should have picked up on that during recording and corrected it… :(

He could have a point about the wording though, the only reason I knew they were old was because I recognised them from before. When skimming the post it reads like the images are new, it’s only obvious they’re old if I read word for word.

I went through the post and tried to find areas that could have led to the confusion, but a small disclaimer:
– I’m obviously no expert in how subtle changes in language affect interpretation.
– I realise the irony of correcting you with the huge number of mistakes we make.
– No offence is intended, I’m not doing this to poke fun in any way.

“I bring you information on Lethal Stigma’s status, about what’s going on here, and what we have planned and what we’ve already done.”
After the first two items listed, you move to what’s already been done before what’s planned. Messing up the order expected after reading this.

This probably didn’t contribute much to the mis-reading, but I saw it so I’m pointing it out.
If anything I’d suggest using section headers in posts, rather than specifying an order and then proceeding with “First off”, “Second”, etc.

“but I assure you, we are still here, and we are developing. I would also like to display some key points of the mod, such as:”
If you were to say “key points in the mod’s history” it would be more accurate, but (as Will pointed out) the things displayed aren’t key points of an entire mod, so it skim reads closer to key points in an update.

“The new team sprites that indicated the factions.”
“The new Alyx gun weapon, exclusive to Lethal Stigma.”

Both of these seem to suggest the present tense because of the word new. You use the past tense in the second half of the first sentence, confirming the sentence is past tense, but by that point I’ve already started to think it’s present tense and then read “indicated” as a mistake.

Both sentences would be clearer without the redundant “new”:
“The team sprites that indicated the factions.”
“The Alyx gun weapon, exclusive to Lethal Stigma.”

Again, no offence intended. Dman’s thoughts will probably be more useful, and Phillip’s if he sees this.

You should consider the wording of your posts:

“…we are still here, and we are developing. I would also like to display some key points of the mod, such as:”
This statement sounds like the following points are in development since they follow a comment about development. Although, not specifically outlined that they are new, but neither outlining they are existing either.

Furthermore, keypoints of Lethal stigma should not be “new team sprites”, “the alex gun” and a “sleek hud”. If these are your keypoints then Lethal Stigma does not have much going for it. Your key points should be gameplay elements and exclusive, unique features the mod brings to the player.