5 Responses to “Episode #118”


Nice way of prioritizing how people get to join the show.

I like the fresh view Stephanie brings to the podcast. I think I mentioned this again, but if the episodes touch subjects she’s interested in (like Portal), maybe you should invite her more often. If she likes doing this, that is.

@Portal 2 coop:
Here’s the deal: technically, it should be possible. I mean the network protocol that links servers to clients are platform independent. Problem is, when Microsoft tried to have XBox players in the same arena as PC players, the console people got their asses kicked. The KB – mouse combo is still better, and that gives an advantage against consoles.

So I see developers NOT implementing cross-platform coop just to avoid adding frustration.

@20 Brush Challenge @ MapCore:
STALKER has it’s levels modeled and textured in Maya. No brushes.