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That Guildhall(spelling?) map you guys were talking about was Ghosts of White Forest I think.

On lowgrav, there are lots of TF2 server that lowgrav. Grav is set to 800 by default in TF2, lowgrav servers are usually set to 200. Thing is though….. snipers rape in low grav.

Quote of the Episode: “I can’t do it one handed!” -William

Wow Thomas, you sound like an incredibly lazy/cheap gamer, if you can’t be bothered to copy and paste a code into Steam you should become a console gamer.

Don’t bother responding, it may take more than 5 seconds!

I see that my sarcasm is too mighty for you to handle Tokoya.

Don’t bother responding, my comments might go right over your head!

You sure did go on for awhile about how NS2′s lacked a solid distribition system and that it was “needlessly complicated” and the price should be lowered for that reason.

You even seemed to fool William, I guess you are just a master at delivering long-winded sarcastic opinions.

In all honesty, that’s one thing I am known for :-D. To be honest I can’t wait until NS2 is released, being a long time fan of the first.

Merry Christmas btw!

In response to some comments about my 2011 wishlist.

I don’t want a free game, I just want a realisticly sized mod. When I say I want a “complete” mod, I’m talking about soemthing that isn’t suppsoed to be continued or part of something larger. If I get 45 minutes to 90 minutes of gameplay I am happy. I want the mod to have a start, a middle and an end. Simple. It’s like the idea of a film that does have sequels or prequels. A mod that stands alone and with no plans for other parts.

That said, Willaim is right about how I feel about “episodes”. The word is used as an excuse for releasing stuff, instead of a proper starting point of a planned and s ensible series. If, and it’s a HUGE if, a mod is released in epsiodes, then the qulaity of the epsiodes will be so different to it not fun anyway. Most of the people talking about episodes are new mappers, hoping to get better as they go along.

Let’s be clear, I’m not asking for only HUGE mods to be made, because that’s not realistic. But I would prefer 3 separate mods of 60 minutes that are polished and have different stories and are released every year, than some mod that is never finished properly and took three years to be partially released.

With regard to the random point. I’m talking about the basic mod being almost the same but feel that some enemy, health, amoo locations have chnaged. perhasp some textures, music and other assets are a little different. Just enough to make it “feel” different when you play it. I don’t care about multiple endings.

I ahve a feeling you guys aren’t actually reading my posts, just reading the basic headlines. The point about dying in a mod is that the player actual choices whether to continue or not. Adding a moral choice changes the whole point. Sure, there are mods where the player dies but it’s a passive situation. At least in the ones I’ve played.