11 Responses to “Episode #109”


Portal 2 Delayed Again….
Until April 18


you think you’re special because you use the net?, that’s gotta be the biggest pile of tosh ive ever heard.

Every single TF2 discussion ever: I traded my [item/hat] for [different item/hat] and [worthless indie game] comes with [hat].

Really happy KritzKast could set this up for you. I was listening live to the show (missed the first 10 mins so I don’t know if we got a name check there) and James was really entertaining.

We were lucky enough to host the HD version of James’s Dance Fortress 2 video; http://www.kritzkast.com/jamesbenson in return for a mention in the credits and a few wallpapers. We’ll pretty much do whatever we can now to promote him, including re-mentioning his new blog http://wip.thepodkast.com Work In Progress.