6 Responses to “Episode #108”


It’s really nice to hear that you guys enjoyed our Sprucecape Map Pack!
And the fact that you mentioned it in this Episode, that’s awesome.

P.S. The shotgun vitrine’s glass isn’t supposed to be broken with throwing stuff to it :D
(Spoiler) There’s a key in the attic, that opens the door in the kitchen. From there you can access basement and get a crowbar. (Spoiler)
It’s a bit funny haha :D but hey, everyone have their own way!

I loved the end – from now on we should just let another guest host play a mod while the other guests carry on and allow him to talk bout it every now and again.

BTW, when is Steph. gonna come on as a guest host?

About the Sprucecape Mappack: I will say that, while certainly different, it’s very interesting. What’s most engaging is the fact that you really have no other grounding, aside from the zombies and Combine (I think there were some, no?) in the HL universe. All right, that actually is a lot, but hear me out. First, you’re in a completely different environment. For most of the mappack, you’re outside in what appears to be some sort of mountain range; the surrounding mountain tops and omnipresent fog really separates the maps from other sets. The biggest example of this is the final scene, running along the mountain edges above a giant foggy chasm. Also, there’s very little–if any–human contact. Whereas in the HL games you’re used to playing along side either Alyx, Barney, citizens, vortigaunts, or at the very least Combine, it’s pretty much just you and the zombies in this one. That gives you a nice feeling of loneliness and alienation. The final touch I really like is the early 20th century music playing–Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, etc. The fact that it’s playing in the middle of the empty house, the broken down and deserted gas station, and finally after the (unbelievably surreal) ending scene. It gives it a nice, retro, Fallout-ish feeling.

On a somewhat deeper level, I think this mappack stands out because it takes a very unique story standpoint. Most maps focus on Gordon trying to achieve another Combine/zombie/Resistance objective, etc. Instead, Sprucecape puts the player in the shoes of a separate, average, afflicted (alcoholic) citizen dealing with a problem that’s completely aside from the entire HL storyline. He’s just trying to find his wife and kid, dealing with a bunch of God-awful zombies who are going for his neck. It’s a nice departure from the normally used storyline and a bit of a glimpse into the lives of everyone who **wasn’t** Gordon Freeman, a viewpoint we rarely see in VALVe’s games.

And I now see I’m ranting. I suppose this would be better placed on PlanetPhillip, but ah well. Thanks again for the P:SI mention!