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This interview makes me sad that I can’t actually play 1187 and I haven’t found a good let’s play with the scene of Marissa. lol But Yays, I was asked about! I like your guys’ show. (I was never shown this before and I’m not much of an internet browser) I may become a listener.

Am I the only one absent from this Robert Yang circlejerk?

Nah, there are plenty of people who think he’s just another pretentious artist type guy

Well he would be a ^^^^^ if he never made a mod, but since he HAS made something that was good (if you like that sort of thing), at the very least, it gives him liscence to speak. Tthat being said I would rather a game/mod that was actually fun than an artistic one that was all mesage. As Phillip would say “Its great, I’m sure, but not my cup of tea…”

wow. that was a serious post. I do not remeber posting that.

Yang hasn’t made “something good”, he has made junk.

Even if Yang’s creations had a decent message, they would still be terrible games. As long as we judge them as games (and not, say, as film, or literature — either of which media would suit Yang better), then I don’t see why we should forgo judgment of mechanics (and focus solely on aesthetics or the “message”, as people do with “art” games–as if it entitles them to be labeled as “art”, lol).

And mechanically, there isn’t a doubt that they are junk: stacking boxes, connecting the dots, walking from corner to corner — mind-numbing things. You know this and Phillip knows this, if only instinctively, but neither of you has the insight (or perhaps, the courage) to admit it.

About Stephanie’s ringtone: I hate it. Somebody uses it as an alarm clock, and each morning is waking me up. Gaaahh !!!

As for the Paranoia mod being ported to dreamcast, I’m curious how they managed the porting. I mean OK, I keep finding that the Dreamcast was linked to Windows CE, but I believe some work still needs to be done to successfully do the port.

The episode is misnamed as episode 10.

Thanks. I’m not sure what happened there, it said #107 here and on the feed when I checked; I must have knocked it off somehow while making last minute changes to a couple of items.
I probably wouldn’t have noticed for at least a couple of hours, would have sucked if iTunes saw it while still called #10.

Your client grabbed it — and probably other people’s :( — but as far as I can tell so far, their cache of the feed didn’t: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/podcast17/id294517865

EDIT: Their cache updated with the correct title. I’m not sure what that’s used for, but at least it’s accurate. I’m guessing it’s for when people first subscribe, and maybe to push updates to people who don’t have them yet.