9 Responses to “Episode #106”


Hi, Jeff here, (Guy who made Valve The Animated Series) You mis-pronounced my name wrong while mention Valve TAS. It’s no biggie, I’m just saying,maybe next time could you refer to me as my Steam name, ThatoneJeff?

Thanks Anyways.

About the custom content for Overwatch, Will mentioned Sven coop (as he does every episode :P) and is there a…… i don’t know the word, but are you against the idea of each map having its own theme? like have some maps as HL2 style, but maybe do a… cyberpunk mpa, maybe a middle east map. I guess im asking if a central theme is really important in a Coop/Vs. game to you, AndY?

side note: wasnt there a contest from some website with an orange map where people needed to finish it?

I’m not against having maps with different themes. We’ve stuck to HL2-themed levels as they were the quickest and easiest to produce, allowing us to focus more effort on the actual code/gameplay elements.

I’d actually encourage custom mappers to go wild, as we’ve seen so many do with their Sven Co-op levels. Some of my favourite SC maps were completely custom (Toon Run > http://scmapdb.com/map:toon-run).

As for your side note, this might be what you’re looking for: http://artpass.tf2maps.net/