10 Responses to “Episode #105”


I am impressed by how the “The Rising” team is handling mod development. While I don’t have a comp good enough to play it, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.
It was quite a while since I heard a cool mod team interview. This one did it.

Did the DUDE on very end before end song, said: “Byeeeee-mějte se…” ?

Because “mejte se” is “so long” In Czech language …. is he czech ? =D

wtf ?

Brandonn Posted on Great episode, new litsener here, and i plan to stay tuned in.I came to your website in hopes to find some show notes so I could check out all the games you mentioned.Do you have the list posted anywhere? Or could you post it somewhere for us?Thanks!

Haha I love the announcement, especially William walking us through how to use the internet.