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Wait….. Moddb got 300mil unique ip’s so far this year right? For 10 months, that makes 300/10, so that makes 30mil a month not 3mil, just wanted to point that out.

To Phillip….. I was surfing on moddb and was looking at Korsakovia, and I saw that in their downloads section they have thier script avaliable, I havent looked at it, but I figured it would be an interesting thing for you to think about. Do you think a script should be required for a story centric mod, or is an outline good enough?

I think it depends on the type of mod. For something like Dear Esther, then definitely, but I think most mods should have more of a storyboard, that details HOW the story will be told.

Thank you for another great episode ^_^
I’m a little surprised to see Embermoor and Tension were not mentioned on the “Keep An Eye On” list as both games look amazing.

If you’ll seriously do the Season 1+2 Box Set…

I’ll design the box art.

Go for it. I can easily burn the cds of Season 1 and Season 2.. put them in a nice disk format. Get a box created and ship them out.

I want a Season 1 and 2 box set.

Great ep.
Good to hear Emmanuel again.
I paused the stream and the timing didnt get fucked up, bravo!
Also some mods i want to add to season 3 watch list is Lost Hope, Tension, The Rising

I can’t believe I forgot the rising, we will be interviewing them this week too!!

Tension was on my list, but i didn’t have time to cover it.

William I have a question, I was playing Bad Company 2 yesterday and i was medic’ing, (dont know if you have played this game so I’ll elaborate) basically if someone gets shot in the face, you run in with defibs, hit them and boom theyre alive, and you can throw down medkits to heal up teamates. now with the medic you get a LMG, but i was wondering is there a mod where its no gun combat, you just support characters? Whether its medic or resupplying ammo or anything like that?