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I don’t think Peter Molyneux was exploiting for the sake of blatant self-promotion. If you’ve ever met him at E3 or the other tradeshows, it’s clear he just loves talking about his games, often in complete defiance of the marketing dept. Peter gets more attention than he wants most of the time, entirely due to his infectious passion, so it’s natural to make a joke in that direction.

He traded silly jabs like this with Richard Garriott for years, don’t forget these are industry folks who know one another. And guess what, he’s a game designer, not a professional comedian. Putting his foot in his mouth while trying to be funny is a common occurrence, just like us regular folk. Plus, everyone thinks their own kids are the cutest thing ever.

I think in this case William, as you said, you’re being a Valve fan first and seeing it with those lenses.

I hear your news about dead before dawn and I want to nuance the vpk issues we had. There were 2, the size indeed, but the biggest issue was that there were some old models that were built pre-orange box sdk , and whenever you would load that in a vpk the game would crash so we actually found that out by smoking out all the bad models by removing all software textures for them, then we saw which ones actually gave errors and we could eliminate them.

The other thing I have to tell about it is that well darth_brush has a family, and I basicly learned all I know about hammer during spring/summer and am now working at the same level, to optimize the weapons. darth needed to be able to concentrate on getting all the glitches and storylocks out while I wanted to take nav editing, random weapon placement and soundscape scritping for my account. THis way , and because our event scripter still wanted to go alliong, we breathed new life into the campaign and wanted to do an l4d2 version as well…

It’s about to be released on moddb.

Indeed, we also optimized alot of the sounds that wern’t used anymore as well as old models that arn’t needed. But thanks to the support guys .

You’ll be able to find all details about the fixes here:


About the moddb ranking, it’s ofcourse very nice to get the recognition back.. but basicly we kinda wanted to prove that dbd was meant to be something to be enjoyed but we needed to get the “left 4 deadness” in it back according to the comments.

haha no … Combines arent humanoids dude …

Combine = Adviosr (as species – huge worm totally dependent on it’s technology)

What you were talking about was combine soldier. Human asimilated with combine technology, just like borgs from startreck. Kybork programmed to serve combines, adjusted streinght, and such no longer human. Just hacked human bodies.
combines are engeneering and programming them in Nova Prospekt. From defected and problematic ones, they make Stalkers.

You played only hl2 demo or what ? Checkout wiki ffs !

On the other hand Metrocops are humans willingly serving combines. They betrade human race in orther to survive.

Other things you can meet in hl2, such striders, gunships, dropships and those mines droping things. These are synthetic living forms created by combines as unlimate conquare machines. Those won 7 hour war. Propably tousands of them were brought here during portal storm. Totally ambushed humans. and after that, we can have combine soldiers.

Vortiguans (brought from xen in hl1 time with antlions and other Xens wild life) and humans were enslaved, even humans kids (which was unused)

Combines are using headcrabs as bioweapons, and to encreese their effectivity they enhanced headcrabs DNA, and created fast headcrab and poison ones.

And what about wierd technology like, combine ACP’s helicopters, mines, rollermines, Ar2. turrets and such? Thats technology, combines created using concepts which already work in enviroment of Earth. To establish new order as fast as possible becore humans could sucessfully rebel.

And since their main opertion, order keepoing units on earth are combine soldiers, combines kept it “humanly usable.”

Thats why that tech. is similar to existing human technology, but has bit different technology (dark energy – combine technology). That means greanish blue dark energy shots, from AR2, turrtes, helicopters and such.

Combines on every planet they conquare are toing this. Thats why In half-life 1 vorts, had those wierd things on them, or those alien grunts. They are equivalent of combine soldiers on earth. And final Boss of hl1 was also hacked by combines (thats reason of attacking earth – Vissible combine tech on him vas those antenas in his ass =)

Just so you know before you say some totally out of image to podcast =)

I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I believe your interpretation of the Combine is a little wrong.

The Combine isn’t a species, it’s an empire — also referred to as a form of universal union by Breen: “And only the universal union that small minds call ‘The Combine’ can carry us there”.

The Advisors are implied to be The Combine’s government and/or the original master race behind The Combine, but “The Combine” refers to the empire and not specifically to the Advisors.

Most of the stuff in the middle (Synth, Headcrabs, Overwatch, Technology, etc.) sounds about right.

While you’re right about the Combine enslaving the dominant species of planets they invade, you’re wrong about the Half-Life 1 Vortigaunts, Grunts, and Nihilanth:

The HL1 Vortigaunts and Grunts were slaves/minions of the Nihilanth (Final Boss of HL1), who had retreated with them to Xen in an attempt to escape the Combine. What we saw in HL1 was “the very end of a long struggle between the Combine and the last of the Nihilanth’s race”.

The Nihilanth’s metallic wristbands, severe surgical scars and mutilations are believed to be from attempted enslavement by the Combine, from which the Nihilanth managed to escape.

The conflict between the Nihilanth and the Combine was confirmed by Doug Lombardi and Marc Laidlaw, but before that your way of thinking (the Nihilanth and his minions being under Combine control) was apparently believed by many.

“And only the universal union that small minds call ‘The Combine’ can carry us there”.

Dude Universal union is lie =) … ok it isnt =D

Fact remains Combine soldiers didnt exiist before the Combine invited Earth. That was my point.

And BTW why the hell Nihilanth attacked earth ? From what you wrote it almost looks like he was a good guy.

I think I read early in wiki that whole xen was enslaved by combine … well when I checked wiki now I see that fact morphed to something inairly different … I only wish I could buy rising the bar …

I agree that there were probably no humanoid Combine before their invasion of Earth.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Combine’s transhuman forces are the first steps toward creating humanoid Synth varieties. Possibly something similar to the Combine Synth Elite Soldier and Combine Super Soldier Synth varieties that were cut from Half-Life 2.

The Vortigaunt/Alien Grunts are somewhat humanoid and the Combine encountered them before us, but the lack of Vortigaunt/Grunt based Combine forces on Earth seems to suggest that they were never modified.

It’s possible that the Alien Grunts were the Vortigaunt equivalents of the Combine Soldiers before escaping with the Nihilanth, but there are no obvious signs of Combine modification so I think they’re just another species of the same Family as Vortigaunts (e.g. Humans and Orangutan are both in the Hominidae family).

Laidlaw said that “What we saw in HL1 was the very end of a long struggle between the Combine and the last of the Nihilanth’s race… The Nihilanth’s ‘world’ (if it could be said to have) was long since in the past as far as the Nihilanth was concerned; Xen was their final retreat, and they had their back to the wall, as it were, when the fissure appeared that let them spill into our dimension”. (ctrl-f “Marc Laidlaw” on 07/10/06 PHL Mailbag for the full email)

He’s not as bad as the Combine, but isn’t a good guy either.

From what I read, the idea of Xen being enslaved by the Combine was one of the more common theories before the information from Marc Laidlaw in 2006. So the Wiki would probably have referenced that theory a lot.

Yes I agree =)

BUt I think that Alien grunts were combine synths from Xen. Because in that part of level on Xen you get to some wierd area and there are Alien grunts In some kind of barrels … so that means they are ingeneerd or harvest or something … =D

I’m also curious as to why this was so late, also any chance on updating the RSS feed so I can download it to my Zune easier O.o

I just checked via. Google and the default Zune feed update (according to “some random guy on a forum somewhere”) is every 3 hours, so worst case scenario based on that it should have been available to you over 2 hours before your comment. :/

I’ll look at the Zune.net documentation later to see if there’s anything special I need to be doing for Zunes.

It’s definitely on the feed now though, and has been for at least an hour and a half (that’s when I checked after seeing your comment), so if it’s still not there according to your Zune then I don’t know what the problem is.

It usually updates automatically as soon as the episode is posted. It shows me the list of the episodes, what’s latest, what’s downloaded. But for some reason 102 just didn’t show up until just after you posted lol, actually not sure if it updated cause the RSS or updated cause I put it on there manually from downloading. Either way its fixed, thank you, just glad it got recorded at all, I listen to it at lunch time at work :)

Keep up the great work guys.

New posts are automatically added to the feeds 15 minutes after they’re published — I have it delay 15 minutes in case something needs editing last minute. This episode should have been added at around 11:58am EDT on the 30th.

Does your Zune always say it’s not available on the feed until a long time after it’s on the site? It could be that your Zune only checks the feed every X amount of time — I think iTunes does that by default too.

I once had someone ask via. Steam why episodes weren’t posted to the feed until much later in the week and it turned out his iTunes had only been checking once per week, based on the day he subscribed to the feed a few months before.

There’s also a chance that my feed cache clearing stuff was broken with this week’s server move, which would have delayed this episode appearing on the feed. I usually check the feed 15-30 minutes after publishing a post to make sure it’s updated, but I went to bed after publishing this episode because I’d been up all night.

The cache for any page expires after 6 hours though, and I know that’s working so it should still have been on the feed around 17:43 EDT on the 30th at the latest, which would have been over 5 hours before your comment. :/

kind of late, how come?

We recorded on Tuesday because William was out of town over the weekend, but then after editing on Wednesday William accidentally uploaded to the wrong server (DreamHost moved us to a different server and he hadn’t updated his FTP host). My internet was down until around 1:30am so he had gone to bed by the time I knew.

Downloading and re-uploading on my end was impossible with my internet running at 4 KB/s and disconnecting every few minutes, so he re-uploaded the next morning and then I hit publish.

On the comic: they actually say the the virus can either be aiborn or transferred via bite in the comic. That’s part of the reason they can’t pin it down and make a vaccine. And the idea of immune people being carriers first appeared in graffiiti and a bit of dialogue in the games. Also, I don’t think we’ll be playing as anyone other than Bill, Zoey, Francis, and Louis because as I understand it the comic is the story leading up to what we play through in the DLC.

Yea, and looking at the poster they’re going to reusing SOME part of The Passing maps, I just hope it wont be too much