10 Responses to “Episode #10”


I made my own map for hl2 ep2 for the get some grub achievement I just put hundreds of grub in a big room.

You made a mistake of saying RAR is for HL1 in many places even down to the icon. Just thought I would point that out before somebody else does.

Very great show nonetheless, it was great to hear the folks from the Star Trek mod on the show.

Ragnarök is from Norse mythology meaning “Final destiny of the gods”. You can find plenty about it on wiki.

Good show guys. I am also not a fan of Star Trek, but this mod sounds pretty awesome and I’ll probably check it out.

You just reminded me at the end there of ‘The hidden source’. It’s a great mod, used to play it loads. If you haven’t checked it out, go and do so!

nice episode like usual, the tower mod sounds cool, though I doubt I’ll play it. But really makes me think how cool a real game would be where you would just be in a tower or large building/complex and have to destroy it by solving puzzles and fighting through enemies, place bombs at right spots, etc and once you get further with destroying reinforcements will come to try to take you out, etc.

anyway 5/5 like usual :D

Hey guys, just had a listen. I think this turned out great. There certainly was a lot of content covered overall. Once again thanks, was great being on the show.