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DL’d and listened to this (on my PC) very interesting for the first one! Looking forward for more! BTW, I still have my original copy of “HL1″ bought in 1998, and my original copy of “Blue Shift” bought in 2001! Age wise I’m 62 and still enjoy ‘em!

Thanks to everybody’s kind and encouraging words of support. Let’s hope we live upto your expectations!

It wasn’t that we missed it, we just didn’t mention it because neither of us were playing it at the time of the recording and we really didn’t go into detail about recent releases.

It’s been on PP for a while and I am sure it will be mentioned at some point in future broadcasts.

I’ll email you now and we can start chatting. Perhaps you could even be a future interviewee?

Great show guys. Love how devoted you guys are to your community and would definitely like to do something with you. Mail me and we’ll get to chatting!

Hi everyone, I’ve just found this via Halflife2.net and I’ve got to say that it’s great. Not only the podcast, but PlanetPhillip website too! I’m shocked because I’ve never heard about that site before! RSS’d both of them. Good luck for the authors and keep’em coming!

@clunkfish: I’m glad you got everything worked out; there are no stupid questions. Don’t worry.

@Kyouryuu: We will have this podcast up on iTunes in a couple of days. It takes a while for iTunes to approve a podcast.

@Ian: Thanks for the suggestions!! I have yet to finish Mistake, but I’ll most likely play it tonight. (Trying to beat Heart of Evil again).

Oh OK, spotted the MP3 download link now. Having exposed just about every one of my stupidities in public now, I will go stick my head in a crab!

I think I’m getting up to speed ;-)

The opening comments (“I hope you have enjoyed, assuming you have listened!”) made me think it had already been made available and I was missing out…

Now I can see C:8765 and the play button now plays the podcast, not just the intro audio (strider death, 5-4-3-2-1 countdown etc).

When I logged in it said stuff about posts waiting to be approved/moderated, which made me think I’d strayed into thw rong territory so I logged off again. Guess it was OK after all?

Typing this listening to the opening podcast :-)

How do you save it for later listening…?

I’m not sure how to interface this with my iTunes podcasts, but I downloaded the MP3 anyway. Incidentally, it’s an awfully big MP3 file for a podcast. Most audio-only podcasts are about 4 MB for a 40 minute program. :)

Your 17th podcast should be some kind of special, lol.

If this is just a ‘pilot’ episode I can’t wait for things to come. I’ll be checking this website regularly :-]

And it’s funny you related Mistake to Afraid of Monsters. I reviewed AoM and am working on a Mistake review, and I feel like it is really similar. I got stuck in Mistake where there was absolutely no obvious way out. The place with the fences in the hallway, I couldn’t even get back. And like you said, without autosave, I stopped playing. :-\

This looks excellent so far. One thing that may be of use in terms of interface: I see you have a list of topics from this episode. I suggest that on future episodes, you put the time in the podcast that each topic occurs, for easier browsing.
On a related note, the audio doohickey you are using is pretty limited in terms of function. It may be streamlined, but it would be nice if it, for example, displayed the time in track when sliding the browser.

ive known william for a while now and knew this would be inforative as well as entertaining.ill be a regular now.Thanks for all the work you guys are doing

Hey folks, we will have the podcast submitted tonight. This site wasn’t supposed to go live to anyone just yet :P

I must be very stupid, but how do you access this podcast? There are no live links other than the intro sound clip and the sites listed down the RHS. I’m using Firefox, fully up to date, on XP Pro.

I tried logging in, it asked me to register, and Phillip I think I now have administrator rights on your site, so you might want to fix that!

Hey everyone!
Hope you enjoy the first episode. As Phillip said if you have any suggestions feel free to comment!

Well, here it is, faults and all. I hope you have enjoyed, assuming you have listened!

As William and I both said in the podcast, we would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment.

Thank you.