Win Stuff

For your chance to win one of the prizes below just submit a question.

Each of the 3 winners will be given their most wanted prize from the following list, with claimed prizes removed from the pool others can choose from.

To decide the winners Ellen will be asked to choose four numbers from 1 to the number of entries. The order numbers are chosen in will dictate the order of prize choice.

All entries must be received by Nov 24th, 2011. If you wish to submit a question without being entered to win stuff please specify that with your question/s.

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USA & Canadian Timezones

  • Los Angeles, PST Sat at 11:00am
  • Denver, MST Sat at 12:00pm
  • Chicago, CST Sat at  1:00pm
  • New York, EST Sat at  2:00pm

European Timezones

  • London, GMT Sat at  7:00pm
  • Lisbon, WET Sat at  7:00pm
  • Madrid, CET Sat at  8:00pm
  • Athens, EET Sat at  9:00pm

Australian Timezones

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  • Darwin, CST Sun at  4:30am
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