Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie Interview

On Nov 26th, 2011 (see right) William and a couple of others will be interviewing Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie.

Where and How to Listen

The interview will be streamed live at the time of recording ― don't worry if you miss it though, we'll release an mp3 the next day.

The live stream will be over our ShoutCAST server. Details of how to tune in can be found here.

We've also posted an event to our Steam Group for those who want a 2 minute warning before the interview starts.

Submit your Questions

During the interview we'll ask a series of community questions. From all questions submitted one or more people will win something, so what are you waiting for? Submit your question/s!

Recording Time

Additional Timezones

USA & Canadian Timezones

  • Los Angeles, PST Sat at 11:00am
  • Denver, MST Sat at 12:00pm
  • Chicago, CST Sat at  1:00pm
  • New York, EST Sat at  2:00pm

European Timezones

  • London, GMT Sat at  7:00pm
  • Lisbon, WET Sat at  7:00pm
  • Madrid, CET Sat at  8:00pm
  • Athens, EET Sat at  9:00pm

Australian Timezones

  • Perth, WST Sun at  3:00am
  • Darwin, CST Sun at  4:30am
  • Brisbane, EST Sun at  5:00am