6 Responses to “Where Are They Now?”


Funny editorial indeed. It had some twists though, and I guess we can only speculate why (ow why Tyk-Tok believes that) “Desura thing never really took off” for Dave, or why Emanuel will begin “a sub-podcast whose listenership would go on to rival that of Podcast17 itself”.
Another interesting one is the “fact” that Episode 3 won’t be released by 2025.

Unless he replies. Which I think he won’t.

Very funny Jon! Everything about Patrick’s one is certain to come true. In fact I’m sure his tombstone will even say ‘Machinima Corner – coming soon’ when he’s worm food.


As always we forget about Nic.

So here is my version.

After the disbanding of the P17 Team, Nic continued his “in plain sight” hiding technique and actually went on a tour to meet the members of the team, first helping William escape as a getaway driver, then as a cameraman on Phillip’s movie. After that he got passage aboard a container ship and briefly worked as a nurse in Dave’s clinics, passing him the scalpel many times, without being recognised.

This continued for many years, until finally he was the priest at Patrick’s beside. Nic’s unfailing desire to help other people, without honour to himself, was finally recognised and a statue (which is just an abstract piece) was erected in London’s Hyde Park, bearing the inscription “For Nic, without whom the great men of Podcast17 would be naught but wannabes”.

His final resting place is unknown.