5 Responses to “The Greek and the Farm”


“If you don’t voice your opinion then it can’t be important.”

Here you’re just a pompous prick. Here’s how things work: if you don’t have financial leverage, your opinion is not important.

The majority of a games forums is not the majority of the customers that play that game. To make it a bit more clear, the majority of a games forums does not have financial leverage on the game developers/publishers.
If 90% of the customers don’t say anything about the game, the developer will not change it for the 10% of their customers (although that 10% might represent all their registered forum members).

So, even if you voice your opinion, there’s no guarantee that it is perceived as important. In your shoes, I wouldn’t worry too much about the fact that the majority of forum members is happy by just complaining instead of offering constructive criticism. I would simply watch the download/sales count. If it sells, it must have done something good.

I wonder if Emanuel would refer to me as a grasshopper… aren’t grasshoppers wise?

NO, grasshopper are young and inexperienced. That’s why the old man in Kung Fu always referred to his students as “grasshopper”. At least, that’s what I think Emanuel would say.

You, Sir, are an ant: working hard to improve the community.

Emanuel, you truely have a unique view on things, and this…this is absolutely amazing. Cudos to you.