2 Responses to “Sixty Dollars of Mayonnaise”


Yeah that 20-year window is not a safe assumption, or even a reasonable one. Games appeal to nearly the same age range as movies – certainly pre-schoolers play simple games, and people in their 50s, 60s, 70s play games. The ‘average’ gamer is in their late 30s if you believe the studies – not hard to understand, especially with the growth of mobile gaming.

As for fun:money, I’m very very picky.

At the beginning there might have been a 20-year-window for gaming, but I think that’s grown. I’ve definitely been playing video games for almost 30 years, but I accept I am an exception. At some point in the future, people will start playing video games when they are three and still be playing when they are 83, although one would hope not the same game!

That said, I hope I am still playing Half-Life when I am 83!

Now, whilst I feel over 350, and am pretty sure I have Alzheimer’s in a mild form, only a child, nay, a baby would think $60 worth of mayonnaise would be fun. As they say, “Simple thing, please simple minds”.