3 Responses to “Sixty Dollar Shoes”


Just to test the waters then, how would you feel about Dear Esther? RnL? Research and Development? Contagion (the singleplayer zps that doesn’t really remind me of it)? What about Tales of Galacticpon deciding to go full release? What if the Zeitgeist goes full release because they need the money (who knows if there is even gameplay at this point)?

I agree with you as I rarely spend $60 on AAA games unless I have extra cash, usually i will wait for a sale when I have the money.

Just so we can be clear, are you condemning the fact of paying $60 for a mod turned game or having to pay at all?

I feel if its a reasonable charge aka between $5-$20 depending on the mod, then it would be alright (i say that with fainted breath) but if its a copy paste job then you shouldnt be getting a dime out of anyone and just stick to the donation bin.

And to what other mods-turned-games would you extend that? There is at least another one I can think of.