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Heyo, this is Davey! This article popped up on my google feed and I thought it might be appropriate to respond.

You’re totally correct about my having bit off more than I could chew. I hadn’t considered the impact of rushing into development on a new game and a side project with an independent team, and I don’t in any way enjoy telling fans those games are cancelled. But having already done those things, now I know! I’ve learned so much from those failed endeavors that I wouldn’t trade for the world, and I know that anything I do produce now will be much stronger as a result of having made those mistakes. Plus, while those games fell apart, the Stanley Parable remake emerged from it even better than ever! Taking on multiple projects gave me certain perspective on what was actually clicking, and I feel far more confident than I ever did before that the new Stanley will be a really quality game.

Obviously no one likes to have their mistakes pointed out, but I look at these with a certain pride that I will never make them again. Better that I feel free to experiment than to be afraid of disappointing people, and while I can’t force anyone to like my decisions I hope people understand why I made them. At least all that happened was a few people were disappointed, no one got laid off or anything. :)

Hey Davey! I’m really glad to see a response from you on this, and that the response is as kind and metered as it is! That really says a lot about you that I respect. I was hoping beyond hope that this would start a discussion of sorts, so this is great!

That said I want you to know that this article wasn’t meant as an attack, it’s just an airing out of some feelings and thoughts I had been having. And the only reason I had been thinking of that stuff was because I’m a *huge* fan of Stanley and really want it to succeed. I’m glad that you’ve taken those lessons out of the whole thing, and I’ll be happy to see where you go from here! That said, it seems that all of this may have been a bit redundant. XD

- Tyk-Tok

Yeah, the strangest part TSP doing well is that now people actually care about what I do and say, it’s surreal. But it also probably means I’m doing something right if people care enough to be disappointed when I cancel a game. How about you promise to call me out on stuff if I promise to listen and take it to heart, knowing that you actually care about good things getting made. If I stop listening/learning then you should probably start getting a bit more aggressive. :D

I think the fact that you’re going on the record to offer one of your fans that sort of oversight says a lot about how things are going to shake out for TSP, and how these shakeups have changed your approach. Hearing you say what you’re saying, I am not concerned. That said, I’ll be happy to keep my eyes peeled and be as incendiary as need be!

It’s Wavey Davey!
I used to have an associate called Davey, and he was always called Waves Davey. Either that or “Babes” because his dialect has caused him to call more than a few people “babes”. It’s quite disturbing really. Anyway, rant over.

Awesome to hear that progress on the HD Remix is going well for you. I’d love to ask if there’s any way I can get in touch with you, as I run a small blog myself and would love to ask you some questions for a post if that’s alright with you.

Either way, best of luck, can’t wait to play the new game!