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Those are all very good points! I just wanted to show people that there can be more places to draw inspiration from than other games/mods and diluted pop culture. I only brought up Campbell and Jung because they had broadened my own horizons.

There’s a large difference between “backstory” and “narrative connotations,” with the latter becoming obvious under the most diligent scrutiny. The whole shadow/father figure stuff between Freeman and Breen isn’t really backstory, its what the story implies between them. Was that obvious to most people? No, it wasn’t even clear to me until I started reading Campbell. It’s more flavor than anything else, making the action story of Half Life 2 deeper than the usual fair.

And yeah, I threw out a lot of fruity academic stuff, but I can hope that maybe it’ll be useful to *someone* at *some* point. But I think that you can give modders a little more credit than that. If someone *really* has a bug up their butt to do something amazing, they may just look to something they never considered before.

And it was smartly done, good sir!

I have planned replies to this article a number of times, but I can never word it as well as I want. So, I am going to just say what I have to say and be damned with elegance!

Most mod and possibly mod writers, don’t know the difference between a story and background information. I’ve seen many mods with hundreds of words as back story and very little, if any, actual story in the mod.

Very few mods tell a story with action. You can make an Art mod, that tells its story and you can make an “Escape” or “Get the info” mod with plenty of action but no story. Doing both is actually really hard. in fact, it’s really hard for AAA developers.

Mods need to try and tell simple stories in simple ways. The best story mod I can think of with some action is The Sprucesacpe Mapapck. It’s story is simple and part of the actual design.

Your article is really interesting but for 99.99% of modders it’s over their heads. Very few will care about those details, let along try and put them in games. I think we need to acknowledge and accept that mods have and SHOULD have different kinds of stories from games.

Please forgive the pimping here, but I wrote an article called Are Mods Poems?, where I express the idea that mods should tell stories in different ways from games. More abstract, more wild.

Lastly, please don’t be dishearten by the lack of responses here. I think it was a great read.

Well, again it didn’t turn out half as good as I hoped, but at least I made a few points.