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I’ve been pre-producing my mod for 2 years now (story, minute-by-minute action, level sketches) and I have only recently realized that I am WAY behind on mapping. I have rebuilt the first levels in Hammer so many times due to story edits that I have been hurting the project. The point for other mod teams (the ones that are focused on story) is this: it is very easy to get stuck in development hell if you are a storytelling nut and trying to tie up loose ends. Focus heavily on what you want the player to directly experience because if your story is more in-depth than “go here and kill that” then it is probably occurring beyond the player’s perception anyways.

The good news for me is that one day I can release a shitload of pre-production content, to include some 50,000 words worth of story, character interaction analysis, dialogue, one-liners, sketches, concept photos from the internet and my local area, and power point files full of actual level design and minute-by-minute action.

Also, is the title of this article misleading? I was under the impression that the author was going to rip into Portal 2′s frequent loading times. I am disappoint; need more bile.

Well, what happens when you have a word processor and voice actors on a game like Just Cause 2? You have really arcadey-fun gameplay, but dialog and plot points that just make you cringe.

They really are two different skill sets, developing and writing. I’ve been called an okay writer, but whenever I’ve tried anything remotely game-like it hasn’t been all that pretty. They both come from a different understanding and drive to create. We just need to find ways of pushing people into trying to make fuller stories.

In other news, if a mod developer wants to bring me on, you can hit me up. :)

“why don’t more mods focus on story? ”
Because it would require good writers. This would be a person with a rich vocabulary, and able to convey ideas, images and feelings using only words. These abilities is not uncommon among the people that read books.
Another difficulty is the technical challenges that need to be solved in order to bring the story to the game. Cutscenes, custom animations, voice acting. Or (like Max Pain) the ability to draw comics.

Just because you can appreciate the effort required to flesh out a map doesn’t mean you’re allowed to downplay the efforts a good script writer has to put to deliver a believable script.

Heck, you’re a writer now, you should know better :)