3 Responses to “Joe le Taxi”


Interesting editorial. Maintaining a community requires effort, and if those sites went down is because the people running them deemed the rewards to be too little for their effort.
In most cases, there is no financial reward at all.
And in those cases, the only way for the site to survive is to be powered up by enthusiastic people. Like William. Like Phillip. And face it, like you.

Do you think there is a maximum “exposure” time for amateur and professional gaming websites? We are really still at the beginning of this industry and we really don’t know how things will go.

It seems to me that many of the early sites have gone and been replaced by others, but these others have lasted longer than before, but some will eventually fall.

The style of site will change, as have mods. More professional, more people on the team, more polished work. However, unlike the earlier sites that died when their leader moved on, these newer sites may continue as there is more depth of interest in working on the site.

In fact, I see that more people are realising that being a webmaster is itself an interesting hobby.

What will happen to PHL and the like? Maybe sites dedicated to one game or game series are not viable any more.