4 Responses to “I Promise I Won’t Try To Be Uber Indignated This Time. Seriously. Pinky Swearsies.”


Late reply, but if you read this… things will change. In the engineering world, it IS more about what you’ve done and not your GPA or where you came from.

But like Cubic said, a lot of it has to do with who you know, and with everything that William has done, I’m sure he has built up a strong list of connections. I was only in the gaming journalism scene for one year, and in that time alone I made dozens of contacts.

Don’t know. All three of them put a lot of passion into their work. Podcasts (Nic and William) and map reviews are a narrow market if you ask me, and I think game companies usually try to find somebody with experience in targeting a wider audience.

That doesn’t mean that William getting a job at Valve on the PR department is impossible; it is likely that IF Valve decides to start running their own podcast they will recruit from people currently running the best podcasts out there, and Podcast 17 might end up on their list. That ‘if’ however is a pretty big if: the market is too small.

Doubtful, To be honest, I like my real job better than anything the games industry could give me. And unless I’m the next Peter Moore, or John Carmack I get paid more in my real job too.

As an engineer there are other things than just your GPA, it’s very much who you know and how much experience you have. My personal company is contracted out by a contract agency, they place me — and they are good at it because they know people.

Edit: Also I fear what having a job in teh games industry would do to my life outside work. I fear that if playing video games becomes a career I would enjoy it less in my free time.