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Ha ha ha :))
Oh man, I missed you so much :)

To be honest, you not being present in the podcast is the reason why the half life modding scene is on a downwards spiral. Without you here beating, flogging and molesting them into shape, they lack the motivation to finish their projects.

You know another funny thing? Somebody proposed a bet, who would release first: Duke Nukem Forever or BS :P

Really cool editorial. I missed Emanuel’s brand of snark since he stopped being a regular on the podcast. I reckon he could earn a fair living as a satirist.

A beautifully written piece. I will read each week’s editorial until Emanuel gets bored (I’m guessing around 3 weeks).

There’s little doubt that creative people need leadership, I think the most interesting aspect is what type of leader is best suited to this task.

Of course, I have the answer, but here is not the place to explain. I have been writing an article called “Mod Nightmares” (clue in the title for those into …).

I like the idea of releasing in parts. We often hear people talking about manageable projects and that would certain be a possibility.

BTW, how did you hear about my trouser-down stunt at that conference?

The Black Mesa mod hasn’t gone by the name Black Mesa: Source for quite a few years now, so your BULL SHIT gag doesn’t quite work. Also; the new “leaked” material isn’t quite leaked as they talk quite openly about the material they’ve been releasing on their portfolios & such, they just haven’t been making any announcements.

He put leaked in quotes because he meant small amounts of information leaking out over time, rather than the more common released without permission meaning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quotation_mark#Signaling_unusual_usage

Regarding the BS gag, he did say “I know they dropped the Source part a few years ago, I just don’t care”.

Of all the stuff in there, I have to say, the BS gag is among the parts I was least worried about publishing. From what I read they only dropped the Source part as a courtesy, because they were asked to, and even now their website has source in the domain name with an s in the upper right of the logo.

If I thought for a second the BM devs couldn’t take a few tongue-in-cheek comments I’d have asked him not to write about them. He’d have ignored me, but I would at least have asked.

Mine too, I misread your first comment as being more hostile than it now seems (after sleep) and got a little defensive.