3 Responses to “Free, Mature, E-Hat Elation”


Well written again Emanuel, enjoyed it! I was almost certain giving F2P TF2 the thumbs down for most of the article, you sure tricked me.

I also share your DB9 appreciation. What hurts more is that my uncle has one but he won’t even let me drive it around the block, I’m relegated to a passenger forever. I feel my wound is deeper than yours.

Firing the first bird!

In a team base game, balance between the teams is crucial. If one of the teams has a significant weakness, rounds in the game tend to be short and, soon, boring. Being bored is not the objective when playing games. Also, the harder the struggle, the sweeter the prise.
Now, imagine somebody that never played TF2 being thrown into a game. The team that gets him/her will be basically penalized. This is where I think Kotaku went. Or should have.

Second bird:

You hated hats. For you, hats ruined the game. Valve destroyed the game you loved most and made it WoW on the Source engine. Anything to say now, when the hats turned out to be a way to find if there is a need for such items? Or a way to detect if microtransactions would actually work?

Anyway, keep them editorials rolling, I like them.

I would like to point out that my plat badge in TF2 is only half a month away from yours!!