3 Responses to “Forever Fortress”


Wanna know why people like more TF2 than Fortress Forever?

Here’s why: “The learning curve, much steeper than that of its cartoon-like brother”. You said it. Have the FF team build an intricate game without having a steep learning curve. That’s a much tougher challenge than building a game that’s hard to learn.
TF2 hits a better spot between depth and accessibility than FF.

You make an interesting point about the number of players required for each mod to be successful.

Of course, success is a relative concept and for some SP mods the modder maybe be happy with 500 downloads, whereas a large team developing an MP mod may not consider themselves successful until they reach 10,000.

But is the number of download the ultimate definition of success?

Sales in retail gaming would be the equivalent I suppose but then there’s critical acclaim.

Is Emanuel right? Are there more modders than actual players in our community? What an interesting thought.

I’ll play yours if you play mine.