5 Responses to “Eighteen Forty-Nine”


A beautifully written and conceived piece, pity it is missing the point of text in Minerva. The text worked in Minerva because its existence (the text not the mod) was part of the story.

Dumping text on the screen without a plausible reason is worse than no text. It breaks immersion, at least for me, and almost ruins the whole experience.

We should simply have had a face plate on the HEV, with the ability to display text transmissions, which could then be easily explained by whoever is sending the messages. More or less, exactly what Foster did, so as you say just copy it.

Personally, the best use of text within a game was Intrusion, which used graffiti on the wall to convey story details and messages.

Don’t listen to Emanuel. Don’t use text on the screen unless you can explain exactly why it is there. Either that or only use it in a Star Wars way: as a narrative introduction.