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I should have made also another point in my reply to Loadal 2: mod teams can’t afford the time to do storytelling properly, with voice overs and everything. If they’d do that, then the only thing the community would get is mods that take 4 – 7 years to make. Everything would be a Black Mesa or a Nuclear Dawn. And (possibly) turn from mod to a full game.

Comparing the quality of the story in a game and the one in a mod is not fair. Despite the same tools being available, a mod team has something else to do besides making the mod. Stuff like making a living. Add to that the fact that modders are an enthusiastic bunch, that (like all enthusiasts) bite a bit more than they can chew. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that modders are plain naive. I’m just reiterating what all post-mortems mention: careful with the scope (the size of it) of your mod.

What would be better is for us, as consumers, to re-asses our demands from mods. Sure, play the mod that you like best, but don’t lay down the hate on a mod just because it doesn’t have feature X.