7 Responses to “America and other oddities.”


I definitely believe that where you come from has an impact on the content created, but different countries have different restrictions. Those restrictions create a restricted thought process and so a developer in the middle east for example might not so certain themes so openly and freely as one in America or the UK.

And that’s why I just throw everyone together and see what you get when you have a British bartender, African club owner, Scottish Drug addict woman, Russian Informant, Colombian drug lord and his henchmen from South America, a comedian from Australia, the cheating couple from both corners of the world, a few local cops, and finally the American Securities employee all pointing guns at each other. Who knows what could happen

You raise an interesting point about national signature and one I have written about before in a piece entitled Cultural Influence of Stories and Mods. Allow me to quote… Japan has Manga, Russia has Radiation, France has Sex, America has Comic Heroes. Perhaps somebody needs to create a Manga-Mutated Sex-Mad Hero Comic and everybody will be happy!.

Perhaps the more interesting point is how people who live in other cultures absorb and merge the influences around them with their own and what kind of creative output does it produce?