5 Responses to “Close Inspection #3: Overheid Part 1”


I don’t like episode releases. I prefer to play the whole mod from start to finish. Especially if the mod is really short, then there is no reason for having episodic releases. If a mod has 15 maps, I would be fine with having it split up to avoid having to wait a lifetime for its release. Also the advantage of releasing several maps when going episodic is that you can make a proper start and ending. Otherwise it will be too abrupt. One problem could also be that you have to re-play from the begining when the next part is released. I found myself having to that when playing part 2 of Mission Improbable (by Magnar Jensen). Not really cool, but since that mod has quality I made an exception.. Maybe I did something wrong, but I didn’t see a way to start at the 2nd part right away.

Anyway, this looks like a nice mod. I will wait for the whole thing to be released.