17 Responses to “Close Inspection #1: Nightmare House 2”


I really enjoyed this review of NH2, you guys raise some interesting points, but I was only slapped about 2-3 times throughout my playthrough so I wasn’t at all annoyed by the A.S.S (lol) so I enjoyed the feature. And I have to agree with Danboe when it came to the usage of HL2 textures and assets; the screenshots of NH2 really didn’t do the mod justice because the environments and narrative were so immersive you hardly noticed the hl2 textures and etc.

This was an interesting discussion and something I think more mods constitute this kind of in-depth discussion that the P17 hosts can’t necessarily offer because they have so many other things to cover in the normal run time of the show.

Do you guys have plans on reviewing any previously released mods like Research and Development, Flesh etc or only new releases? I would love to hear you guys go into a deeper discussion of great projects like that.


Chances are that a new mod won’t be released every week. Besides, we just pick a mod randomly so I see no problem doing Flesh for the third episode.

I do, since it doesn’t work on my computer which still pisses me off because I had been looking forward to playing it so much.

Well that’s something you’ll just have to take I think, you guys really shouldn’t limit the show to stuff Max can play. :P

Names I thought of during the listen.

- Mod Recon
- Fan Boy Corner
- Developers’ Analysis

You should have really gotten into the technical mapping and coding elements. For example, the “Auto-Scare System” is a simple group of normal HL2 entities that automatically choose a random scare either on timer or on demand. Sometimes the scares come in right at the perfect moment, and that’s because the Dev team simply asks the Auto-Scare System to run a specific scare, such as a flashlight flicker or an invisible bitch slap.

Speaking of the invisible bitch slap, did you know that there is a normal HL2 entity called env_viewpunch!? Apparently the entity simply has the effect of knocking the player’s view around a tiny bit, similar to a env_shake but much shorter in duration. Where has it been used in an official game? Can someone find that for me?

Really nice little side episode. I imagine you will be getting into some of the other good mods out there, such as Mission Improbable and Minerva: Metastasis. Again, I would recommend getting into the more technical aspects of a mod’s development, and not simply gush like fanboys :) just kidding. it was a really enjoyable show, and I’m looking forward to more.

@FEAR: the girl is Alma.

“I know I’m gonna get a scare scene”. This kinda throws off the suspense.

Ok, feedback on the episode:
The idea is good (the proof is in the pudding, other sites do reviews too, your is just an audio version), so I’d like to see more of it. A couple of hints:
– giggle less :)
– try to cover the story from a more technical point of view. If you liked the HUD, if you liked the models and voice acting. That’s all good. And while covering the story broadly is ok, going into detail might turn the show into a list of spoilers.

Otherwise, I like the idea. People reviewing mods is a good thing, and it is something I miss since the modcast was canned.