Tom Templar Detective Adventures

Tom’s secret project is finally released, hit the jump for more details.

Last week on Podcast 17 Thomas announced that he will be releasing a secret project conducted by himself and Phillip from PlanetPhillip. Well… the project is upon us!!!

Tom Templar Detective Adventures is the story of Tom… Templar… and his journey to rid the world of evil and corruption. Together with his band of dogooders Tom puts his life on the edge for all Gamerkind.

In the first episode of Tom Templar, Tom hopes to stomp out SteamID piracy!!! Will he do it?! Will he suceed in his overall goal of riding the world of evil?! Will it rain purple pigs?! Who knows?! Certainly not you, because you haven’t watched it yet! So you better get to it… go! Watch the first episode of Tom Templar, you won’t be disapointed!!!


8 Responses to “Tom Templar Detective Adventures”


Also related to the sound, you can avoid the wind all together if you record the spoken parts after the filming session and then interleaving it in the film.

Was pretty good, the only criticism I can make is with the production end: please use a better microphone for recording your dialogue – I could almost taste the compression in your voice, it was like listening to your voice on Podcast 17. Also the “wind” was quite annoying, there’s plenty “de-wind” filters out there for Premier Pro and Final Cut (assuming you are using one of those), even without them though, you can “counter” it by using high passes and the like.

That guy’s selling 100% pure Steam IDs!? I’ve been looking to score some of that hard core stuff but whenever I ask my coke dealer for it he looks at me funny.

Egad, the background noise needs to be turned down a lot!

And that was amazing :D

i love the oppossing force secret laptop.

try to quiet the walking sounds and such.