Time Change and Daylight Saving Time

The default time for episode recording has been moved to Sundays at 1pm EDT. (5pm UTC/GMT)

Why the time change, and what’s this talk of DST?

William recieved his Summer schedule this week and now has classes all day Saturday for the next 6 weeks. Also, Daylight Saving Time starts in most of North America this Sunday at 2am.

But, what if I forget or am an hour off? Can’t you just remind me?

We will be setting a Steam group event and posting to our Twitter about 20 minutes before recording starts each week.

Give me a summary of the changes in [insert an area here].

I could write for hours about all the different time zones of the world and probably still miss at least one person’s time zone. If you’re unsure about the time of recording in your area, just skip to the next heading.

How do I convert UTC to my local time?

You should be able to convert UTC to your time your time with this Time Zone converter, or a similar tool.

  1. Set the date to 14 March 2010 at 1700/5:00pm.
  2. Set the first location to “UTC / GMT”.
  3. Set the second location to your area, city or time zone.
  4. Click “Convert time” and on the next page it should tell you when the show starts in your local time.

When are you adding a countdown to the agenda page? Dagnabit!

I should have added one months ago but never got round to it. I’ll add a countdown and some additional time zones this weekend, probably between recording and publishing of the episode if not before.

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