Experiment: Listener Call In

On this weeks episode, #75, we trailed a section of the show where we bring listeners onto the show in the style of a radio call in.

On this weeks episode we trialled a new section of the show, where we bring listeners on in the style of a radio call in. It was the first suggestion from last weeks open letter to be trialled and was very positively received by most the live listeners who were present.

There are a few things we’re thinking of tweaking related to where it takes place during the show and the target of the questions, but overall we’re happy with it.

Tell us what you think about it the comments below.

9 Responses to “Experiment: Listener Call In”


I love the experimentation going on, especially the quiz this week. I didn’t think it would work as great as it did. Keep up the great work and format experimentation.

It’s a great way of getting the community involved. I had always wanted this to happen and I’m glad that it did.