Good News for Minecraft Fans

It’s a new dawn, a new day, for Podcast 17 Minecraft fans. Just two days ago we asked for donations to help us purchase a dedicated Minecraft server, and within 10 minutes of that announcement we surpassed our goal of 60$!

It’s a new dawn, a new day, for Podcast 17 Minecraft fans. Just two days ago we asked for donations to help us purchase a dedicated Minecraft server, and within 10minutes of that announcement we surpassed our goal of 60$!

We at Podcast 17 were shocked and impressed with the quick generosity of our fans; we can’t thank you enough for your support. We held true to our promise and right after the show purchased a 9 slot Minecraft server from Please, however, don’t stop donating; the server is often full and many fans cannot get in… as we receive more donations we can bump up the player slots on the server so more people can play at once! We will also be giving donation bonuses to people who donate over 5$ we feel this is the best way to award the generous – more on what these bonuses will be in another post.

So enough jibba jabba. The new server is using a new world seed, this means that everything you built or were working on in the previous server has not been preserved. This was a group decision, and trust me: it was for the better. If you wish to download the previous world and play it singleplayer we’ve uploaded the old world’s files. Just re-name the world folder, load up your minecraft and choose the new world.

Next, we are using white-listing for our server and I don’t want to publicly post the server IP and port here; due to the possible swarm of unwanted guests. What this means is if you haven’t yet played on the new server and would like to, please email with your minecraft userid and we will white-list you and give you the ip and port. Similarly, new players are always welcome – just email with your Minecraft username and tell us who you are, so we can do a short background check.

The server, as expected, can handle itself no problem when it’s full. No lag issues, no stuttering, no chat delay! The server is located in London, England and people from around the world (except maybe Australia) are having no connectivity issues.

We’ve temporarily disabled monsters and night time for a couple of days while people get planted and situated, so get building while you can. I will be sending an email on the day before we turn the night cycle and monsters back on.

There are plenty of addons we can install on the Minecraft server and over the past two days I went over all of them… here is the list of the ones that are installed, a link to their forum post, and a brief description of what they do and how you can trigger them:

  • Help: This is a stock plugin that allows you to see all the commands available to you there are multiple pages that you can access by doing /help 1, /help 2 etc.
  • Bedrock Gap Insurance: This plugin does two things, first it allows you to dig 4 units deeper into the world, but it also smooths out the bedrock at the bottom of the world so it’s not bumpy and annoying. Link
  • Craft-Book: This plugin is EXTREMELY powerful; it allows you to create triggerable bridges, gates, elevators, light switches, hidden switches, integrated circuits, and plenty of minecraft features!! It is way to immense to explain in this post, but we have setup a demo area outside spawn in hopes to show off these new features. Alternatively you can read about them in the extensive Craft-Book wiki.
  • Daylight: Simple plugin that disables night time, we will remove this when we want a full day cycle. Link.
  • DeadMansChest: Dead Man’s Chest is a plugin which places a chest at the players death and transfers as much of the player’s inventory as will fit. Player’s who also have a sign in their inventory will have a Memorial placed on the box. Link.
  • DeathShout: This is an information plugin that displays text when a player dies and how they died. Link.
  • Flashlight: Simple addon that installs a flashlight to every character. Just type /flashlight to turn it on and off, if you don’t see the light put a torch in your hand. Link.
  • Lightweight Chest Protect: This plugin allows player to lock their chests/furnaces in three different ways, they can either make it public by typing /cpublic and left clicking the chest. You can password it by typing /cpassword and left clicking. Or you can make it public by typing /cprivate; this will make the chest/furnace only available to you! There is much more you can do with the plugin but you can read about it here.
  • MoveCraft: This addon allows you to make flying machines based on certain criteria. It’s a little too complex to explain here so you can read about it more on their forum post.
  • PrivateWarp: This addon allows you to create your own private warps, meaning only you can access these warp zones. This is different than making a public warp as described below. Here is the link.
  • Stargate: This is a really neat addon that allows you to build fully functional stargates out of obsidian portals (aka. netherportals). Simply build a nether-portal like you normally would and put a sign on the side with the name of the gate. Once you do this it will automatically put a button on the other side of the gate. You can right click the sign to choose your destination and then hit the button to open the gate. There are more things you can do it with it, like create networks, but that’s all described in the forum post.
  • Playerlist: Type /playerlist to see the players currently connected to the server.
  • Home: You can set your home warp by typing /sethome then go to it by typing /home
  • Spawn: You can warp to spawn by typing /spawn
  • Public Warps: Anyone can set a public warp by typing /setwarp . You can list all available warps by typing /listwarps and finally you can actually warp by typing /warp .
  • Compass: Displays a text compass in chat

Lastly, we will be setting up a forum for people to mingle and discuss various aspects of our Minecraft server… there are a couple of addons I would like to install much later on, but we will need to establish a pretty tight community first.

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