Early Recording

We are recording early this week! Find out when and why!

Greetings fans of Podcast17!

William here, again, with another news related post. We will be recording Podcast 17 early this week; instead of recording Sunday 10:00AM EST we are going to be recording Saturday 10:00AM EST, but don’t expect the podcast to be published early. If there are any of you out there who listen to the live stream via Half-Life Creations be sure to tune in tomorrow and not Sunday! Remember, for this episode and all future episodes, you can listen live via the Half-Life Creations radio stream found on the Half-Life Creations site or by clicking here to open the stream directly.

The reason we are recording early is because I am leaving for LAS VEGAS!!! Wooo!!! It should be fun and hopefully I can share all my experiences and photos with our listeners/readers!


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- Live Radio Stream
- Picture of a Cat

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