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Stratofarius is hosting our first developer insight – his first victim: Zombie Mod: Source. Click “read more” on all the details on how you can participate.


The Developer Insight will bring to light some of the developer commentary that we often miss in multiplayer mods. It will consist of bringing specific mod developers into a play test of their own creation. While playing through the mod the developers can comment on whatever they want! For instance, a mapper can explain how he mapped a very intricate section of the map or a coder can talk about what is really going on behind the scenes. This experience will be recorded (both audio and video) for the listeners and fans of Podcast 17 to watch later.

The buck doesn’t stop there! Fans of Podcast 17 can also take part in the Developer Insight by joining in on the play test! Each developer insight will have posted details on how YOU, the fan, can participate.


This weeks developer insight is with Zombie Mod: Source! Podcast 17 is glad to continue our relationships with Zombie Mod: Source and look forward to sharing some development features with the community! Note: You must have Zombie Mod Version 1.30!!! If you don’t have it you can download 1.20 full client then the 1.30 patch.


This weeks Dev-Insight will take place Saturday, May 23rd, at 20:00 (8:00) Eastern Standard Time, New York and eastern North America. For more details on what time this is in your timezone head on over to the World Clock Time Converter.


The developer insight will be held in the official Zombie Mod Source Server. Just open up your server listing on the time above and find the official server. The password will be “devinsight”. You may also be allowed to join stratofarius on Skype with the developers. If you are interested in something like this please add “stratofariusbr” to your skype friends list.


Stratofarius will be in game and skype with the developers recording the developer insight through the famous FRAPS utility. Other attendees can ask questions either through chat (in-game) or through the in-game voice functionality. Some lucky few may even be invited to join Stratofarius and the developer crew on Skype.


Why not?

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I was there and it was awesome, although I couldn’t always hear you guys over the sound of raging zombies and massive gunfire.

I believe he lost some stuff somewhere in the beginning as I recall him being in the first round and reappearing later on in the holdout/survival map (dunno which one it was, the one in which everyone was in the attic).

I was at the event too :D
Will there be a downloadable version of the podcast?

How much of it did they lose, from the start of the podcast or what?

I was there for a bit, but sadly Stratofarius had some “technical issues” so he had to ask for all the questions to be repeated that were already asked over the the hour that I was listening to the developers comments and answers. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just unfortunate because I think there was a lot of stuff covered and mentioned that couldn’t be captured by force afterwards :).

Sounds really cool. Great idea. Too bad I have to go to a graduation party for a friend or else I’d join.

I look forward to listening to the results. Have a great time!

Stratofarius is a pretty cool guy. He organizes stuff and doesn’t afraid of anything. :D

Stratofarius is a pretty cool guy. He organizes stuff and doesn’t afraid of anything. :D


v1.40 has been released! You will need to download this new version if you plan on attending tonight.

Here’s a list of some highlights:
* All known bugs have been fixed.
* 2 new maps: zms_ho_canals_beta and zms_inf_deadcity_b3.
* A new and improved version of zms_sv_laststand_beta.
* A new melee weapon to replace the axe (broken bottle).
* The Holdout gamemode has been made much more difficult.

TEMPORARY DOWNLOAD LINK (FileFront):;13797078;/fileinfo.html

Remember, you will need to have successfully downloaded and installed both v1.20 and v1.30 before you can attempt to download and install 1.40, as this is another patch release.

The official server is still out-of-date, however I will be setting up another server that will be running v1.40. The official server should be updated by some time tomorrow. In the meantime, use the new one I’m making. This will be the one that will be password protected, however it can only hold 12 slots. In any case, join this one tonight.

Thanks for downloading and enjoy. =D